the calling tower

ty, this one’s for you, and maybe the few, it’s my point of view.
My mind it’s terrifying, a twisted nest of vines, a nest of poisonous spines.
back and forth I go, putting on a pretty good show.
but my bishops always return, unrelenting in the sins they discern.
they drag me back inside, away from the crash of the tide
the days I’ve lived to see only seem to be mocking me
the glimmer of hope extinguished.

down here there’s no sun, we don’t sing it’s a good day
it seems to me that all they ever want’s for me to pay
monetary or repentance, it matters not not to them
no hope for me to ever escape this cycle again.

I’m caught up in my own mind, I hate who I’ve become
I’m not the man I want to be, no role model for my son
pain will be with me til the end of my days
and soon enough it’ll have me in chains

I hear the door open, my time has arrived,
I ascend on the steps, stones gilded by lies
light blinds as I step out, my nose takes offense
chained by my own mind, the vultures descend

tower of death, but to me a fresh breath
voices be silent, heartbeat be still
in this lifetime, one dark final thrill

magnificent structure, a blood stained throne
is calling out to me; calling me home

– Fishy